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In order to serve the varied historical and genealogical interests of our members and the community, the Society operates with three branches: the Museum Branch, the Library Branch, and the Committees Branch.


We are a non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt charity located in Armstrong County.

The Armstrong County Historical Museum tells the story of people, places, and historical events starting with the destruction of the  Delaware Indian Village of the  Kit-Han-Ne in 1756 by  Colonel John Armstrong and his frontier troops. The  Museum is open to the public for tours on Sunday and Thursday, 1:00 p.m. to  3:00 p.m., April to November. After November 1st by appointment only.


The Mildred Lankerd-Thomas Genealogical Library was founded in 1973 and has an outstanding collection of family, county, community, and church histories; plus, many other records for those doing genealogical research. The library is open to the public from April to November on  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, noon to 4:00 p.m. and at other times by appointment.


The Armstrong County Genealogy Club is a members-only Standing Committee which meets the first Sunday of each month beginning April through Mid-November at times and locations specified by the officers. other standing and Adhoc Committees perform such duties specified in our by-laws, or directed by the society's president and /or board of directors.

All society members receive the "Genealogy and Museum News" quarterly publication.


Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, is  rich in history. The Original Delaware Indian village of Kit-Han-Ne was the  center of Indian raids on  white settlements in western Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland and Virginia during the French & Indian War. On the morning of  September 8, 1756, Col John Armstrong with  300 frontier troops, destroyed the Indian village. Armstrong County was  named  after Col. Armstrong, and the  site of the  Indian village became Kittanning, the  seat of county government.

"History is not just something that happened long ago and far away. History happens to all of us all the time. Local history brings history home, it touches your life, the life of your family, your neighborhood, your community."

--Thomas J. Noel, Denver author and historian

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Our Mission

To preserve the history of Armstrong County through the collection of artifacts, written accounts, and genealogical studies and to maintain a  Historical Museum and Genealogical Library for the benefit of the community.

Our Mission

Our Vision

History isn't stagnated and neither is the society.

We Need Your Support Today!

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